Chards: Pawney's Wrath


Visually Impared:

  • Pick level colors, Go to: Menu>Options>Access>Level and enable "Color Level". You may then pick a color for each layer.
  • Highlight players, Go to: Menu>Options>Access>Players>Player Highlight.
  • Highlight Bots, Go to: Menu>Options>Access>Players>Bot Highlight.
  • Highlight Items, Go to: Menu>Options>Access>Props>Item Highlight.
  • Highlight Coins, Go to: Menu>Options>Access>Props>Token Highlight.
  • Highlight Nodes, Go to: Menu>Options>Access>Props>Node Highlight.
  • Player Text Size, Go to: Menu>Options>Access>Players>"Text Size", this will increase the size of the text that appears above the player and at the bottom of the screen.
  • Team indicators are not only different colors, but different shapes

Reaction Time:

  • Slow down the whole game, Go to: Menu>Options>Players>Game Speed
  • Adjustable button hold time, Go to: Menu>Players>You>Hold Time or Menu>Options>Start Up>Controls>Hold Time to select a time. It's in milliseconds, so it'll range from a half a second (500ms) down to a tenth of a second (100ms)

Limited Mobility

If you can touch the screen you're ok, nothing in the game, from start to finish, requires you to ever touch a different spot, not even the menus. In the next release you don't even have to touch the screen, if you can bite down on a button, you will be able to do anything you want in the game.

Decrease Level Size

Not only does this make the levels simpler, but makes everything larger and easier to see.
  • Level Size, Go to: Menu>Options>Start Up>Level>Level Size, the larger the number, the more complex the level, and the tinier the characters. The level Size goes down each time you select it but loops to 40 after going lower than 16.
  • level Floor height, Go to: Menu>Options>Start Up>Level>Floor Height. This is the distance between floors on a layer, the higher the floor, the less there will be (but the jump distance will be increased as well, so the characters can always reach floors above them
These Options don't get used right away, you have to restart the game before they take effect.

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