Chards: Pawney's Wrath


Pocket Sized LAN Party

Most Devices support up to 10 simultaneous touches, and it's possible to still have a couple more players than that. That's more players on a single device than you'd get with two linked consoles back in the day, and you don't have to worry about lugging your TV around.

If You're unsure how many touches your device supports create a player and go to Menu>Options>Debug>Touch Test and put 10 fingers on the screen, remove them, and see what it says.

Single Button Input

With fast game play it can be difficult to know which virtual button your finger is currently over. With one button, there's no need to move the finger so it's always over the right button. Of course, I'm sure the generation raised with touch screens is perfectly capable of knowing how to orient their fingers for any number of buttons, but I'm not part of that generation, so, for those like me, this a perk. The game is not short on options however and a 4 button control style has been added for people who don't like one button input.


With 5 different items, coins, and bases, the game play will never be short on variety. Every time a player dies any items they are carrying are left behind for other players to pick up. One of the preset scenarios even revolves around collecting items from the level and stashing them at your base, but be careful not to let the enemy players take your items for themselves.

Generated Levels

To add some more spice to the game play there is an unplayably large number of levels to enjoy.

Multi-layered Levels

Each level can be three times larger by adding depth to them. Go to Menu>Options>Start Up>Level>One Layer, and make sure it's unchecked.
Note: if you experience slow down with multilayered levels, go to Menu>Options>Start Up>Level>Shade Layer and uncheck it. Some devices aren't fast enough to do shading in real time (this will make characters and items the same color regardless of which layer they are in instead of being darker the further back they get).

Accessibility Options

The game can employ player highlights, level recoloring, player speeds, and more.

No Micro Transactions of Any Kind

I consider this a huge perk (even though it is probably a loss of revenue for me). No need to keep connected to the Internet. So it can be played anywhere, with less battery used. No need to worry about getting into financial competitions with other players over who can buy the best stuff. No need to worry about your kid somehow spending all your money on junk.

Most importantly: One less game inspiring your Facebook friends to hassle you.
It's just a game, so all you have to do is play it.

Decent sized sound track

Even though I can't make music worth listening to, there are many super nice people out there who let people use their music for free (even in commercial productions, YAY!). So I felt like it would be a waste not to include anything I found that felt like it went with the pace and style of game play. You can also set the player to just repeat one song, shuffle them, or if you don't like a song, you can blacklist it.

Multiple game play Modes

Since version 0.1.5 the game includes the following preset game modes:
  • Death Match: Fight against people or an unending amount of goats.
  • Piñata: Collect the coins that fall out of goats each time one is killed.
  • Make It Rain!: Grab the coins as fast as you can.
  • Flood: The game doesn't end until each wave of goats has been eliminated.
  • Grinder: A timed game with minor bot damage, try not to die. (Not in trial version)
  • Grinder Extreme: Similar to above, but with maximum damage. You will die, a lot. (Not in trial version)
  • Capture: Stand next to nodes around the level to capture them for your side. (2 or more players)
  • Stash: Pick up weapons you don't need and stash them at your base, but be careful, your enemies will try to steal your loot for themselves. (2 or more players)
  • Chaos: Free for all with rules from all the other scenarios, get coins, kill enemies, capture nodes, try not to get hurt. (2 or more players)
  • Team Death Match: Teams of friends try to kill each other. (3 or more players, Not in trial version)
  • Odd Man Out: All players hunt one other, if you kill that one player everyone hunts you. (3 or more players, Not in trial version)
And you can always mix up your own custom scenario by going to Menu>Game>Mode>Custom.